No one has yet ventured a guess on whether this Dracaena plant is real or fake:

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So let’s do this: I’m going to eliminate the title and extra prizes for whoever is first. From now on, I’ll just have prizes for anyone who plays, regardless of when. I think the pressure to be first with a correct answer is too much, and I never cared about it anyway. I mean, I thought it was funny. But it’s not worth it anymore. Especially since I know some of you deliberately hold back so you’re not always winning that title (which is super sweet and cute but now I’ll make it unnecessary for you to do so).

How does that sound? Hopefully agreeable! The deadline to enter is tonight at midnight MST (that’s 2am EST). Leave your best guess in the comments section. I’ll reveal the answer and the winner(s) tomorrow after an all-new Ask the Experts Panel. Thanks for playing!