Hmmm…well this grouping of grasses is certainly not attractive.

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Bad pruning and even poorer maintenance are the problems.

I understand that it’s easy to use a hedge trimmer to whack the grasses. But that’s lazy maintenance. And results in ugly “tabletop-like” grasses. If the landscapers are going to use trimmers like that, they should at least trim them down shorter so they don’t look so terrible. The bad pruning can also lead to the grass’s death. In the above photo, half the grass didn’t survive the whack job – you can see it’s all brown down below. That grass is not coming back to life.

The other problem is that the grasses need to be thinned so that new growth has the space it needs. But of course, dividing the clumps takes time, and no one wants to pay for that. So the grasses suffer.

And my eyes suffer, too!


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