Guess what? It’s another milestone post – this one is 1,501!!!! Juuuuust kidding, haha. I mean, it is the 1,501th post on this blog, but that’s not much of a milestone after yesterday’s momentous one.

Hey, look! My late October garden in the early morning hours:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, October garden

The Agastache and Zauschneria flowers are still vibrant and make me smile every day.

That big mass of greenery in the container next to the flowers is a couple of tomato plants that seem intent on taking over the driveway. They are laden with fruit – I harvest a few every day (it’s hard to see the ripe ones in this photo, but they’re there). Same with the pepper plants scattered throughout – they are still producing tons of peppers.

The marigolds at the bottom of the photo seeded themselves, but I don’t mind. The bright splash of color is nice. Plus, they started blooming late enough in the season that they didn’t attract whiteflies to the tomatoes, so the tomatoes were spared disease.

The strawberry towers are hiding behind the lemon balm plant. That’s probably just as well, they’re not producing fruit anymore, and I need to adjust the irrigation for them. (In other words, they’re mostly brown at this point so I’m glad they’re hidden.)

It’s hard to make out, but all the herbs are still there plugging away, too, like the parsleys, oreganos, chives and basil plants.

If there was doubt in anyone’s mind about growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in containers, hopefully my garden will serve as proof that not only is it possible, but the plants can thrive. You can grow practically anything in containers. And the containers can look good in the process.

I’ll be back tomorrow. I hope to see you here!