Last week I mentioned that Candy, my lime tree, has been thriving outside this summer. Um, that musta been a brain fart, because Candy died a long time ago. The tree that’s been outside all summer is my lemon tree (it was banished for having mealy bugs). Duh! I’m not sure how I got the two confused. Anyway, the lemon is back inside now.

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I may have overstated the thriving part, but considering how terrible she looked at the beginning of summer, she’s closer to thriving than say, merely existing. The mealy bugs appear to be gone, so that’s great news. I’ve been checking for them every couple of weeks all summer long, and haven’t seen any in months.

No mealies means the tree was allowed to reclaim her tony spot by a west-facing window.

I never did name her, but I collected suggestions from some of you. Options on the table are Jolene, Cissy, Citrina, Prudence and Lucy. (I already had one plant named Lucy but that was a long time ago.) Votes? Recommendations?