Hello Halloweenies, and happy Friday!

Welcome back to the Good To Grow site, and thanks for being here.

Happy Halloween to you all! On this spooky Friday, we’ve got our usual Panel of Experts and plenty of puzzler action.

Let’s get our Friday Festivities started by saying hi to our Experts. Hi everyone!


“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Liza!”

You’re so cute! From left to right, that’s Andy Williams, Tim Thackaberry, EZ Ed Johnson, Dottie Correll and Lewis Casey. If you’d like to know more about them, please click here.

We’ve got a Halloween-themed question for you. Here it is:

Q. What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn or seen someone else wear?

Expert Andy Williams, you’re up first as usual:

A. Three or four years ago I dressed up like Julius Ceasar for a Roger Clyne Halloween show.  I looked for the photo but I couldn’t find it.  I received a ton of comments and compliments that night for that show.  Then again I was Gilligan for our crew at the Flagstaff Beerfest.  Someone had the bright idea for all of us to dress up like the cast of Gilligan’s Island.  We must have taken 50 pictures with people that day wanting to be seen with us.  And then once one of my close friends needed a Santa Claus to deliver presents and so I was a trooper and did that for them and my little neighbor kids.  I have a picture of that.


A. I generally don’t do costumes (though I am doing one tonight with our gracious Experts host), so I’ll have to go with those I’ve seen. For purely prurient reasons, I’ll go with a girl in college who wore a biker outfit. It was…breathtaking.

A. A long, long time ago I accompanied a friend and fellow scribe on a road trip to cover a basketball game on Halloween. And since it was Halloween and I was not on assignment, I had a few drinks and donned an ape mask. When we drove into town, I pointed to a large building with a lot of parked cars surrounding it. That must be the gym, I said. We went bouncing in, complete with my mask. Unfortunately, it was not a gym, but a church and we walked in just as the preacher was hitting a high note on his sermon. The crowd gasped. The preacher looked like he had just seen a ghost. All I could think to do was wave and exit stage left. I kept the mask on.

Expert Dottie is normally up next, but she’s unavailable this week. (If she becomes available, I’ll update the post this weekend.) Let’s admire her adorableness:

And move on to Expert Lewis. Lewis, what do you have to say?

A. For now I wear a sad face in need of no mask

Last week I spoke of “Being grateful for everything we have”.

And I am,

Life giveth and Life taketh away

Recently our dear Liza suffered the terrible loss of one of her

Loved furry friends, and we felt for her

I walk that path now for our old (15 year) KitKat has cancer

And our kind hearted home visit Veterinarian says

“Sorry but she has little hope, you should put her down”

We could not do it right then, we wanted a few days more

She was never my lap cat unless I picked her up and set her there

To escape at the first chance

But she loved Siri’s chest and resided there often

She was part of our family and lived we us for at least half of my son’s life

A presence always there, hair here and there to show the place was hers

Very vocal when she wanted something, Meow food, Meow door,

Yes Master we are coming

We are having a few more private moments which will be gone to soon

The gentle man will come and  Life will taketh away, an empty spot on the chair

We will see what the next day brings, being Grateful for what we have and had

Happy Halloween sort of

Lewis, I’m so sorry about your beloved kitty. That really sucks. I’m sure every pet owner out there understands your pain.

Readers, if you want to offer any words of sympathy for Lewis, I’ll make sure he sees them. Leave them in the comments section, or send me an email.

On that sad note, let’s call this Experts Panel wrapped. Thanks everyone, for sharing your thoughts, costumes, stories. I appreciate you being here!

We’ll move on to the current puzzler:

???Real or Fake???

Last week, I asked if this plant was real or fake:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, real or fake plant puzzler

Let’s see how you answered:

Martha from the Plowing Through Life site wrote, ““If you rest, you rust.” That really is cool! Looks like you all had a great time.

I’m going to guess fake for this puzzler.”

Joseph Brenner from Texas wrote, “Yeah, that looks like one of those Waste-Of-Money plants you just mentioned. I’m going with fake, as well.(B>{D}”

Claude from the Random Rants and Prickly Plants site wrote, “It’s fake. And im not entirely sure exactly what type of plant its supposed to be impersonating either…”

Steph from Indianapolis wrote, “Let’s crack open that bottle of vino and toast to imitation plants and crab meat.”

Darryl Cheng, who has a cool houseplant tumber, wrote, “I’d say fake – I doubt a plant could get that bushy with so little light!”

That’s five votes fake, zero votes real.

What’s the correct answer?

Let’s take a closer look:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, real or fake plant puzzler

Ugh. So fake! So ugly! So dusty! It’s the trifecta of poor taste! Fake plants are a waste of money – they look terrible and don’t do anything to improve air quality or ambiance. They’re just gross.

Everyone one of you called it for the fake-a-roo it is. I’m not surprised, with your keen plant eyes. Great job, everyone!

To show my appreciation for you playing, I’d like you each to have the following prizes: One Halloween weekend, 12 ghosts, eight candy apples, 14 goblins, 32 candy corn, six Reese’s cups, two mugs of hot cider, 27 Smarties candies, four ghouls, gum, three broomsticks, nine jack-o-lanterns, 22 Tootsie Rolls, one spider web, three Snickers funsize bars, a black cat, two haunted houses, 13 bats, five Milky Way bars, one creepy cemetery, a dozen pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies, nine skulls, dry ice, three witches, 11 full-sized candy bars, six eyeballs, two cauldrons, one pumpkin-spice latte, seven spooks, zombies, The Great Pumpkin, 30 Skittles, a couple of good scares, one ’80s costume, eight skeletons, two freakshows, six Crunch bars and 13-1/2 screams.

Congratulations, and thanks for playing!

Up next, a new puzzler for you:

???Real or Fake???

Is this Bougainvillea plant real or fake:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, real or fake plant puzzler

Think you know the answer, smartyplants? Leave your best guess in the comments section. I’ll give you one hint: I took this photo a week ago (so, late October). Maybe that’s a helpful hint, maybe it’s not. Mwah-ha-ha-ha! (That’s an evil laugh, for those of you hoping for clarification.)

You have until midnight MST (that’s 2a.m. EST) next Thursday, November 6th, to cast your vote. I’ll reveal the answer and the winner(s) after next week’s Panel of Experts. The prizes may be imaginary but the link to your site and the glory of winning are oh-so-real.

I’ll be back tomorrow, hope to see you here.