Less an oasis in November than chores that need to be completed:

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I think it’s pretty obvious that I haven’t done much of anything with the garden lately, other than harvest some tomatoes and peppers here and there.

The irrigation lines are clogged in the maroon container, and I haven’t bothered to unclog them. I haven’t been diligent about watering the containers that aren’t hooked up to the irrigation, like the lemon balm one or the portulaca one (although the marigold pot isn’t on drip but those flowers look fine).

On the plus side, the Zauschneria flowers (the bright red ones) don’t seem to care that it’s almost mid-November. Neither do the tomato plants, which are loaded with tomatoes (one of the tomato cages is bent sideways from the weight of the plants pulling it toward the ground). And clearly still very green.

On the to-do list: Taking cuttings of the tomato plants into the house for the winter like I did last year. Clearing room for planting garlic and onions. And you know, general cleaning and whatnot.

Am I the only one who is reluctant to winterize? Even though I’m in the Southwest and we have a longer growing season, we’re at 5,000 feet, so it’s getting cold. It is November, after all. I probably should’ve planted garlic a couple of weeks ago. I just haven’t felt like it. Even though the garden looks messy and ragged to me, I still love it, and I’m hesitant to take it to its next phase. Sigh. November melancholy again.