Hey look, this Galanthus flower is totally confused!

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I first noticed it blooming on Christmas Day. Christmas Day!!!! Silly little flower. They’re among the earliest spring bloomers, but this is ridiculously early – only four days into winter! It’s still there today.

Due to its early arrival, I wondered if any Crocuses followed suit. The Snowdrop flower is in my backdoor container garden, but the Crocuses I was curious about are planted in the ground near the street. I hadn’t yet prepared that bed for winter, so since today was a bright sunny day and since the chore was on my final to-do list for 2014, I cleared all the dead stuff away (mostly dead Cosmos flower stalks). No Crocuses blooming, but there was a lot of greenery lurking underneath where those dead flowers used to be…there were bright green Iris leaves, lots of Larkspur babies, even a few tiny green Hollyhock leaves.

I know Albuquerque winters are fairly mild, but still!