Dang, still no Ask the Experts Panel. Sorry about that everyone! I was waiting for Lewis’s masterpiece, but I think he’s been too busy. Then I got too busy to work on the blog.

That’s going to continue into the coming week – the busyness, that is.

Except, last week, I took my camera with me to work for a couple days in a row, thinking that I would revive my old “pretty trees in ugly places” series from a few springs ago. So I did that and got some ok shots, but then I also ended up being fascinated with tumbleweeds and weird parts of Albuquerque that would best be described as not so beautiful.

I decided that I would preschedule a photo a day for the coming weeks so you’re not totally left hanging. Some will be of pretty trees in ugly places, others may just be ugly places, others are tumbleweed-centric, some are combinations since tumbleweeds tend to rest in unattractive places. I hope you enjoy! We’ll get back to our regular blog in a week or two.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Blogcation March 2015