My garden in its current state:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, backdoor container garden oasis

Not a lot going on. No summer crops, for reasons that will become apparent later this month.

The maroon container has oregano (flowering), some garlic, chives, and some parsley. The orange one has Zauschneria, or California Fuchsia, which has already started blooming. It’s supposed to be a fall bloomer, but no one told the plant. That container also has a blue Penstemon, thyme and some sedum.

The purple container had some garlic until I accidentally harvested it today:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, backdoor container garden oasis

I thought I’d killed all the garlic by not watering it enough – I haven’t used the drip irrigation because the timer froze over the winter and I haven’t replaced it. But when I went to pull the garlic, I found that there were some bulbs in the soil after all. So that was cool.

Also pictured growing: Lemon balm and more oregano, vinca, hollyhocks, plus a handful of garlic shoots and onions.

Seems strange not to have tomatoes and peppers growing, but that’s just how it’s working out this year.

How about you? Is your summer garden in full swing?