Good To Grow, Liza's photos, mural in Phoenix

Is anyone out there wondering why I still think of this as a plant blog? I swear, I’m getting closer to both telling my story, Dottie’s story, and getting back to posts about plants.

My biggest obstacle has been that in order to write, I need a clear mind and clear space. And since I’ve been surrounded by boxes for the last few weeks, you can imagine that equals chaos in my creative mind. The good news is, I’m down to only one box left!!!!! Which means there’s only a handful of possessions that have not found a new permanent home. Which means, I’m almost settled in. So that’s quite the relief. Bit by bit, I’m getting closer.

Still, I sometimes find myself wishing for a fast-forward button, so I can get this new life started a little quicker.

But then I notice that someone took the (slow) time to paint something like the above mural, and I’m reminded not to be in too much of a hurry.