…to the casa, is this Phalaenopsis Orchid:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Orchid from Dottie

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Orchid from Dottie

It’s a very pretty plant!

It was a gift from Dottie, who got it from her niece Carol, to brighten up her hospital room. Dottie gave it to me because she’s finally getting sprung from the rehab/hospital facility she’s been in for the last five weeks. Woohoo – no more hospital stays for her! (Dottie lives in Sedona, an hour and a half hour drive from Phoenix, which makes transporting the orchid a bit too difficult.) We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that she’ll be getting back to her normal life soon. Maybe even driving again! I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve actually started doing some plant things of my own lately, finally. I gave each of the houseplants a nice shower and trim, and then took a bunch of photos of how they’re growing. Or in some cases, not growing. The flowers on the Echeveria died after I gave the plant too much water. But one of the Euphorbia miliis is blooming like crazy. The Euphorbia milii that is not blooming is in the dumpster, after a tortured reign of me overwatering then underwatering the poor thing.

The houseplants and I are still trying to adjust to life in Phoenix. If I can figure out how much water they want to drink, we’ll all be a lot happier for it. And they may even survive!