Oh hey lookee, an actual post about plants! Imagine that – on a plant blog!

I’ve been doing some limited gardening, finally, now that it’s cooling off in Phoenix (cooling off means high 90s). I’m not sure how the plants will do, as this is my first time gardening in a low desert. But I figured I would try.

It’s been oddly reassuring to do something so familiar in an unfamiliar place.

I found a basil plant with three different types of basil at the grocery store for $2. So I planted them in a container by my back door. (The back door faces east, the front door faces north, which is no bueno.)

Right away, one of the basil plants began to flower:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, basil plant trying to flower

While the flowers are pretty, I snipped them off because I’d like the plant to concentrate on growing leaves, not going to seed. It’s too early in this venture to let the plant do what it wants to do – I’m the boss, haha!

In the coming days, I’ll show you more of what I’ve been planting.

Then soon – not to get everyone’s hopes up or anything – but sometime soon, there will actually be an Ask the Experts post and perhaps even a Plant Puzzler as well. I can’t say what day, as that will depend a lot on my schedule and Expert Dottie’s health. But it should be right around the corner.

I hope to see you back here!