They are on my list of most unlikeable humans. Because they seem to have zero regard for the health of the trees, or a regard for anyone living nearby. I came home to this yesterday in the backyard:

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I know not all tree trimmers are butchers. Some care. I remember the one guy in Albuquerque named Floyd who called himself a “tree editor.” He “edited” fig trees exclusively, the “fig guy.”

I also remember Penny used to say (imagine a west Texas accent), “Wanna know why they call him the fig guy? Because the stories of his greatness are figments of his imagination.”

It’s a lot better when you can hear the Texas drawl.

Anyway, whoever butchered the tree next door had no kinship to the living, breathing creature he hacked to pieces.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Liza's backyard

Not only is that a terrible pruning job, it’s an insult to the tree and to tree lovers everywhere.