Oooh, I’m beginning to get excited that these flower buds may actually open:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Schlumbergera Buds

I’ve had several reasons to doubt whether or not they will make it. The biggest reason is my knack for overwatering the poor plant. Adding to the problem is the fact that I haven’t fertilized any of the houseplants since moving to Phoenix, so it’s sorta a miracle the plant would even try to flower without that extra kick.

Then there are all the times I’ve moved the plant recently. Schlumbergeras are prone to dropping flower buds if the plant gets moved around too much (or even a little). Anyone who has bought this type of plant at a nursery before Christmas, only to get it home and have half the buds fall off, knows this about Schlums.

Just in the last two days, I’ve picked this plant up and moved it four or five different times. The reason for that is because the landlord decided to replace all the windows at the apartment (yay, new windows!). While that’s great, it meant I had to move all the houseplants away from the windows so the workers would have access. Big chore.

In the Schlum’s first move, I noticed that she was waterlogged – the pot was way heavier than it should’ve been. So first she went to the kitchen, then I decided to move her outside in the sun for a couple of hours, to help dry the soil. Here she is on my tall fence under that beautiful Arizona sky:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Schlumbergera Buds

She wasn’t outdoors long, because I was worried about her leaves getting sunburned. (Houseplants can’t handle the sun because they’ve had so little exposure to it – they need to be introduced gradually if you plan on putting them outside.) I wasn’t worried about her being too cold – by midmorning it was 55 degrees or so, up from 40 early in the morning.

She came inside to the kitchen counter, and then finally back to her resting spot once the windows were installed.

If her buds fall off tomorrow, I’ll know why. But I’m cautiously optimistic about the chances of them opening soon.

If they do fail to open, I’ll be glad for my Hippeastrum bulbs – they’re about to flower again (round three). Woohoo for flowers indoors in January!