Yesterday I asked you to guess what this (awkwardly photographed) object was:

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Let’s see how you answered:

Chris Gonzales wrote, “Ventilated, folding stand up storage.”

He added, “I missed one part, hanging.” And, “I have to learn to read the whole question before I answer, sorry. It lives in the closet.”

Judy Burrier wrote, “hanging closet”

Mary Fox wrote, “Sleeping quarters for cats.”

FlowerAlley wrote, “Shoe-keeper for a closet.”

So, who’s correct?

Well, pretty much everyone.

It is designed to be a hanging storage unit for closets. It has nifty velcro tabs that fold over the bar in closets for convenient hanging, and can be used to store clothes, shoes, whatever. It’s sturdier than it looks.

This particular storage unit came from Ikea. I believe I spent seven dollars on it.

I recently swapped it out in favor of shelves. Rather than tossing it in the garbage, I stuck it outside until I could figure out a new purpose for it.

While I haven’t caught any of the neighborhood cats sleeping in it, I’ve caught a few of them investigating its presence. Which means the cat guess is valid in my opinion. (Plus, the guesser is my Mom, and she made me laugh, so she wins.)

Great job, everyone. Check your mail for your box of imaginary prizes – it should arrive any day now!

That brings me to the next phase of the guessing game: Can you guess what this storage unit’s new mission is going to be? How have I decided to repurpose it?

The following photo isn’t so much a hint as it is emphasis on one feature that will be very useful for the unit’s new mission:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Guessing Game Part Two

Leave your best guess in the comments section. I look forward to hearing what you think. Good luck!