I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately. My heart is heavy after losing this sweet baby to unknown causes:


He was such a great and joyful creature. I met him soon after I moved to Phoenix. He used to be feral, but he learned to trust me. And vice versa. The first time he ever purred, it was in my arms. He was filthy all the time, relished in the dirt, and I didn’t care. He used to take rolled socks out of my closet and use them as toys. He ran to greet me at the door when I came home from work. He talked constantly. He was thrilled by his food bowl. He was endlessly curious and funny.

This creature absolutely stole my heart. And now he’s gone. I have no idea why. He was only about eight-ish months old. He’d only been a part of my life for six months, but I’m still devastated.


Bye my little Monkey. I will miss you dearly.

Readers, I haven’t felt like posting anything about plants, but I have been doing plant things, and taking photos, so please stay tuned. I’ll hopefully talk with you soon.