Well, hell.

America elected a racist, bigoted, xenophobic clown for President. The highest office in the land. After meeting with President Obama, President-elect Donald Trump seemed surprised by the scope of the job.

No shit. It’s an important job.

I wish I could stay in my little plant-life bubble and pretend none of this is happening. But I am a proud tree-hugging American woman, with lots and lots of gay friends and lots of friends with skin colors other than white. I’m terrified for them. They thought they finally could see the light of a world that accepted them as equal, and now that right is in dire straights. Their clock has been set back 100 years.

Again, I’m female. Of course, I’m siding with the minorities. My reproductive health is up for grabs with the Republican agenda. The health of this planet is up for grabs by a bunch of rich white men who don’t believe in the science of Climate Change. They don’t seem to believe that the world is on fire. It’s science! And they don’t care!

I haven’t posted any blogs for a long time. The truth is, I’m depressed. I thought I would see a smart, capable, savvy grandmother as my next President. Instead, I got the worst news. And I have “friends” telling me to get over it. But you know what? I’m not getting over it.

Instead, I would like to start a campaign of kindness. A culture of kindness. I’ll remind everyone that the term political correctness stemmed from a desire to be kind. No one wants to be mocked for who they are – that’s why we don’t use the words retard or fag anymore. It’s about being kind, not about being politically correct. Let’s eradicate that term. Help me. #bekindnotpc.

Instead of calling our President-elect a clown, I’ll give him a chance to do right by the millions of people who don’t think or look exactly like him. (Even though that means I have to “unremember” all the video proof that shows otherwise.) Help me. #bekindnotpc.

When I hear anti-Muslim remarks from his followers, I’ll stick up for their religious freedoms. Help me. #bekindnotpc.

When I see people attacking my gay brothers and sisters for being different from them, I’ll stand by their side and fight back. Help me. #bekindnotpc.

When I see all my brown and black-skinned friends trying to make it through their day without harassment, I’ll be right there helping in any way I can. Help me. #bekindnotpc.

When I see attacks on women’s health, I will fight for the control of their own bodies. Help me. #bekindnotpc.

I can’t exist in a bubble where I only think about plants and Nature, and have that be all I post about on this blog. My world doesn’t work that way. I have to vent my emotions. This is my venue.

So help me. Go on twitter and join the campaign to erase the phrase political correctness and replace it with what it was always meant to be – kindness. #bekindnotpc.

I’ve been working on a project for Dottie, our beloved 90-year-old Expert in Life. The project has had me going through the past six years of weekly posts from the Ask the Experts panel that I hosted every Friday, and pulling out her responses out for her family to enjoy. There are many gems. I’m going to share them with you in the coming weeks.

I’ll start with this one from August of 2013:

Q: What human issue is nearest and dearest to your heart?

Dearest to my heart is that all persons would be treated equally with love and kindness.

I so wish the world would turn away from all the horrendous violence.  I feel we are on a track to permanent ruin.  Starting with the destruction of our environment and our relations with each other.

I know I sound fatalistic.  I am not a fatalist.  I have always had a positive outlo0k and hope that the next generation would see the light and start turning the country around.

Our lousy lifestyle of greed and over abundance seems reflected in every part of our lives – starting with the fracturing of the family unit, evidenced even more strongly in our political structure and movies.

However, Hope Springs Eternal.  I have met some outstanding young people, whom I so hope will become involved in world leadership.  I have grandchildren and great grand children, who are great examples of what the world could be.  They are workers and thrivers and lovers!!!!!  They want to contribute to our world in a good way and are all ready working to that end.

We have been known as the greatest nation
In the world.  Let’s all strive to keep it that way

Thank you Dottie, for shining the light not only three years ago in this instance, but for the past 90 years. You make me feel better to be an American when my soul hurts. You make me feel better about being a human by the example that you are. I’ve said it a million times, you should be declared a National Treasure. I love you. And to the rest of my readers the world over, I love you, too.