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Desert Marigolds are such cheerful flowers, aren’t they?

Collecting their seeds could not be more easy. The seeds grow right in the center. The petals die, creating a rim, and inside you can see the seeds maturing:

When they turn tan, they are ready for harvest:

This is a different seed head from the photo above, in case anyone was wondering why it shrank. Can you see the seeds in the middle? Some of them have already popped out.

To collect the remaining ones, I held an envelope underneath and used my finger to push them off the flower head.

So simple. After that, I laid them out on newspaper:

Ok, so that’s not the greatest photo or seed placement job. I had the photos of the seeds on the flower heads so I thought that would suffice for this post, but then I decided it’d be nice to show you the actual seeds. Maybe if I’d thought that through, I would’ve put them in a different section of newspaper or something, but whatever. At least you know now what desert marigold seeds look like. You’re welcome.

I’m going to let them dry out on the paper for the next week or so, then throw them in a jar for the winter. I’ll sow them in the garden in the spring. As I collect more, I’ll put them in cute little pouches and give them as gifts. Because who wouldn’t want the gift of life, in the form of tiny seeds? They represent possibility, and that makes a great gift in my book. Or maybe I just like them because they were free, haha, nature rocks!

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