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Hi carrots, and happy Saturday!

It hasn’t rained much in Albuquerque lately. Our monsoonish season is pretty much over. So I thought my Saturday Summer Storm Series would be over, too. But then I remembered that it was storming on our way home from Pecos, New Mexico a few weeks ago.

I’m not ready for the season to end. I love the dramatic storms, the electricity in the air.

Of course, I wasn’t really ready to leave the mountains, either.

Not only am I going to miss the storms, I’m also stuck with coming up with something interesting for Saturday posts. (No, I’m not driving and photographing at the same time.)

I thought about running a series about the Farmers’ Market since I’m there every Saturday anyway. But are photos of vegetables interesting? I think maybe, in moderation. Not really in a series though.

A series about the farmers themselves would be a lot more interesting. That’s already in the works, but I hadn’t planned them for Saturdays.

What would you like to see? Pretty flower pictures? Photos taken around Albuquerque? More posts about houseplants or gardens?

Drop me a line, let me know what you think.

Hi summer squashes, and happy Saturday!

A few days ago, Albuquerque got slammed with spectacular storms. The evening started out innocently enough. This was the view from my driveway:

I was home from work when I first heard the thunder. I decided I’d take my camera and go for a little drive. I wanted a better view of the storm. Already as I was leaving, there were lightning strikes downtown.

By the time I got a little higher, at the edge of downtown, the rain was creaming Rio Rancho and the northwest side of town.

Straight ahead, the volcanoes weren’t really getting much action:

Turning to the south, downtown and the South Valley were getting hammered:

Oh, look at that, my first ever lightning strike capture. I’m still learning to use my camera – it’s newish.

Excited by my capture, I decided to try and get more. I turned back towards the north:

As a friend pointed out, I had 900 chances to capture the strikes. It really was a dazzling performance by Mother Nature.

Inspired, I drove to higher ground (haha, Montano near I-25 – this wasn’t some grand expedition to capture storm pictures, just a girl and her camera). This is facing north, with the Sandia Mountains off to the east:

The best part? The sun was setting:

It was a beautiful evening, and not raining right where I was. So I settled in and watched the show.

I had feeling I would get it if I were patient. Patience was easy that evening because the show was so thrilling.

And then finally it happened:

My money shot. Yehaw!

From a huge storm yesterday evening:

Such a gorgeous storm, I couldn’t wait until Saturday to post my lucky shot. I’ve never tried to photograph lightning before, but as you can see, this storm made it easy for me.

For you photographers out there, any tips for me? Besides having lots of patience? I am still very much a novice. A lucky novice, but a novice nonetheless.

Hi cucumbers, and happy Saturday.

As you know, I’m a big fan of thunderstorms. And while it hasn’t been raining much in my neighborhood, it has been raining elsewhere.

Like near Santa Fe:

And in the East Mountains:

I don’t think this cloud over the Sandia Mountains actually made rain, but it looked cool:

This was taken in the Northeast Heights:

And this was in the South Valley:

With all my enthusiasm for storms, you’d think I would’ve snapped to the fact that the rains would make things grow. But nope, not me. I was surprised when I found these in the back yard:

Ten million little Elm saplings. Ugh. I guess you know what I’ll be doing the next few days.

Hi Petunias, and happy Saturday!

So, we’ve already established that I love thunderstorms. For lots of reasons, but mostly because they’re beautiful.

I love the anticipation of watching them build all day.

The other day, Albuquerque got hammered with a huge storm.

You can see how it began pummeling downtown.

I love how the rain obscured some of the buildings.

Whenever a storm passes above, I find myself drawn to the edges of it.

There’s something so dramatic about the fringe.

The middle just isn’t as fun. Wouldn’t you agree?

Hi Frito pies, and happy Saturday!

I love, love, love this time of year in Albuquerque. The afternoon thunderstorms are amazing.

Clouds building over Downtown Albuquerque

I love everything about them. First, you get to watch them build all day. Sure, it gets so hot that you feel like your eyebrows are going to melt off your face in the meanwhile, but the payoff is worth it.

Volcanoes, to the west of Albuquerque

When I used to live in Jemez Springs, I couldn’t watch them build all day because the village was nestled in between two red mesas. I remember when I first moved there, I’d be shocked because it seemed like alluvasudden and out of nowhere, there was this huge storm overhead. Like bam, there it was.

But in Albuquerque, you can see them coming, you just don’t know where or when they’re going to explode. Oh, the anticipation!

Albuquerque's Northeast Heights, Sandia Mountains

And of course, they’re dangerous, too. I love that – my heart jumps when the lightning cracks, but presuming it doesn’t actually hit me, then the feeling of fear is replaced by joy. And awe. It’s like Nature’s version of a roller coaster – you can scare yourself silly, but you get to return to safety.

Adobe house, Albuquerque

The rain’s nice, too. The garden sure loves this time of year. After the rain goes, the evenings become cool and gorgeous.

Aaahhhh, so many things to love about thunderstorms. What about you? Are you as smitten as I am?

Would you believe not ONE drop of rain at my house?

The whole damn storm passed quietly over downtown Albuquerque yesterday afternoon, then went away.

You’ll have to forgive me. I am a complete sucker for storm photos. Especially here in New Mexico, because the sky seems to get even more blue next to those fluffy white clouds.

So much promise, zero follow-through! Mother Nature, I’m not sure I really like it when you tease me like this. Sure, in a few days, when there’s too much rain, we’ll both have a laugh over my impatience, maybe we’ll go out for tapas.

But this is now, and my garden is thirsty, and I’m growing weary of being on duty. Won’t you please deliver?

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