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Hey lookee at that – Gus, a Gasteraloe, is sending up a flower bud:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, flowers and flowering plants

You know who’s not going to be blooming anytime soon, if ever? These Daffodil bulbs:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, flowers and flowering plants

They’ve looked pretty much exactly like that since last November.

Wanh, wanh, wanh!

Yay for getting Amaryllis bulbs in the mail!

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Hippeastrum season!

And this year, bonus Daffodil bulbs, too.

My awesome cousin Bill Fox sends bulbs to the women of the family every year around this time. And each year, I’m surprised and delighted. I’m still not used to the fact that that this is a thing now. But I love it!

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Hippeastrum season!

I can’t wait to watch this flower grow!

Thanks, Billy! You’re the best!

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Last week, I showed you how to start flowering Hyacinth bulbs for the sweeties in your life.

Flowering bulbs make a more thoughtful gift than picking up a dozen roses at the grocery store on your way home from work (I’m talking to you, ex-boyfriends).

I knew they were eager to grow!

This is after only a week in the water.

Pretty soon, those fragrant Hyacinth blossoms will begin to unfold themselves. Aaah, I can almost smell them now.

Flowering bulbs make great gifts for all the sweeties in your life – your Mom, your husband, your best friend, your sisters and daughters. Who wouldn’t want fresh flowers growing in the house in February?

There’s still plenty of time to start your own flowering bulbs, and chances are, they are on sale at your local nursery. I started these at home because every once in awhile you’ll find a stubborn bulb that doesn’t want to flower on your schedule.

I started this Daffodil bulb long before Christmas, and it has yet to grow. Although it has roots like crazy. I could see the tiniest bit of green down underneath the brown casings, so I scraped some of it back with my thumbnail and exposed the green.

Then I changed the water and put it closer to the window where the tiny bit of green will get lots of sunshine. Hopefully I can have a blooming Daffodil gift for one of my friend’s spring birthdays.

Good Monday morning!

What makes a good holiday gift? Everyone has a different answer for that. My sister loves handmade gifts, and I can see why – there are so many good artists out there making adorable items.

I love handmade gifts, too, especially if they’re nature related. Last week I showed you an inexpensive way to use flowering bulbs as holiday gifts.

Flowering bulbs make great holiday gifts

These bulbs are on track to bloom in mid-December. They are Hyacinth bulbs and Daffodil bulbs. Who wouldn’t want fresh fragrant flowers in the house during the middle of winter?

Hyacinth Bulb growing roots

I put these bulbs in water a week ago, and look at how big the roots are already!

Hyacinth bulb

Amazing! I’m going to nurture them and encourage them to grow strong and healthy, then give them away once they’re blooming.

Bulbs don’t need soil – they grow just fine in water.

You can use them as centerpieces for your holiday meals, or as inexpensive gifts for coworkers or friends.

I have some more gift ideas coming up tomorrow.

Now, a blog update: I’m relatively new to the blog world, and it continues to floor me. So many interesting posts. Check out these cool treehouse classrooms at Inhabitat. Wouldn’t that inspire you to learn?

Want to learn more about your food? Check out James and the Giant Corn.

Need a good Monday morning laugh? Martha at Water Roots has cute animal shots today.

I could look at cute pictures of food all day long. Thank you Epicute!

And over at Plants are the Strangest People, there are endless gorgeous photos of plants.

Then there’s the cranes at Operation Migration. (They’re not flying today, bummer.)

If you haven’t already checked out my sister’s site, it’s worth your while. So much adorableness crammed into one place.

Again, I’ll be back tomorrow with some more holiday gift ideas. Until then, here’s another shot of Easter, my Christmas Cactus that’s been blooming since Halloween.

Easter the Christmas Cactus

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