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Helloooooo! My goodness, I suppose it’s been awhile since I posted anything! I didn’t mean to let so much time pass between posts…I put the blog on the back burner, then over time, it got moved to the back 40 burner, haha.

How are you? Doing well, I hope.

I’m fine, thanks for asking. Life in Phoenix is ok. Although we’re supposed to hit triple digits later this week and it’s only April. That has me concerned. But otherwise, things are good!

I’ve driven through the mountains east of Phoenix twice in the last six weeks, and each time I didn’t have my camera with me. Which was a shame, as the wildflowers looked gorgeous in the foothills. So yesterday I packed up my camera and took off in search of color in the desert.

I found lots! Look at all the beauties I found blooming, like these Desert Marigolds:

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

Such cuties!

I love, love, love the color of Globe Mallow:

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

Even the Prickly Pears were blooming:

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

I saw lots of cactus flowers that were hot pink but I couldn’t get close to them with my camera. (Translation – if they weren’t by the side of the road, they weren’t photographed, haha – I wasn’t going to go trekking through the dirt!)

I think this is Thistle, but I have no idea what kind. The bees and I love it though:

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

I don’t know what these purple pretties are but I’m a big fan:

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

On one of my drives, I saw some pink flowers that I think were Penstemons. I didn’t see any yesterday – I think they were at a higher elevation than I was willing to go on a Sunday drive.

Besides the wildflowers, the mountains were home to a Saguaro Cactus forest:

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

None of my photos do the mountains any justice – they are so beautiful!

Desert Marigolds, Liza's photos, Good To Grow blog

Happy Earth Day everyone!

It’s funny how when the gardening centers begin to pare down their stock, I suddenly want to plant like crazy. I’ve been prowling around the local nurseries with a fall-planting itch.

Because everyone’s trying to dump their inventory at the moment, bargains abound.

Like the Zauschneria ‘California fuchsia’ at Jericho Nursery (the one on the frontage road just north of Osuna) are only two bucks each.

Good To Grow, Liza's plants, Liza's photos

They’re just now starting to bloom – of course I want one. Or four.

At the grocery store, I unexpectedly found a couple of Hoyas marked down to fifty cents each, so I bought two and planted them together. Here’s the new plant in the living room:

Good To Grow, Liza's plants, Liza's photos

I can’t wait to watch it grow. And I’ll be beside myself if it decides to flower – hoya flowers are sooooo adorable!

I love that I can have a fall-planting itch and be able to scratch it for so little cost.

Another example is how I collected Desert Marigold seeds from my landlady’s plant, and threw them in this planter:

Good To Grow, Liza's plants, Liza's photos

Cost: Zero!

I got another couple of Chayotes at the store (they’re a buck apiece) and planted them, too.

Good To Grow, Liza's plants, Liza's photos

Next I’ll plant some beets and some lettuce, probably more rounds of carrots and radishes, too. I can’t wait to get growing again!

What about you? Do you get the urge to plant in the fall, or only in the spring?

Hey sweet potatoes, happy Tuesday!

Did you know there’s magic afoot? I don’t know about where you live, but Dias de los Muertos is huge here in New Mexico. That’s the Day of the Dead, (also known as All Saints Day, November 2nd). It’s when people honor the dead and the fragility of life. We’re all mortals here.

I think the best way to celebrate death is by planting life:

My adorable handful of readers already know I’m a renter. My landlady decided earlier this summer to dig up firestrip area in front of my yard and separate the zillions of Irises planted there. More about that in future posts.

As the result of her hard work, I have these big empty garden areas now – score! Many of the irises will be going back, but there is lots of space within which to plant.

What do you think I should plant? This is an area that needs dedicated irrigation, but not too much. I have Desert Marigold seeds (Yellow), Penstemon Firecracker seeds (Red, from sweet Noelle at Ramblings from a Desert Garden), and Blue Flax (Blue, duh). All drought tolerant, all showy flowers all summer long. Yellow, Red and Blue should look great together!

And in another bed:

I have Cosmos seeds and Zinnia seeds for late summer blooms and a decent amount of water intake. I think I might plant Calendula seeds and Sweet Alyssum to have spring blooms while the Cosmos and Zinnias grow.

What do you think?

Every place I’ve ever lived, I’ve tried to leave it looking better, not worse. This particular house has an extremely gracious and attentive owner. She’s not used to garden-lovin’ tenants, so we’re working together to create pretty, low-maintenance gardens that are perfect for this New Mexico climate.

Fingers crossed, for all the projects we have going on right now! I hope to see you back here manana.

Oh, I should warn you – I might finally have the courage to post photos of some really gross stuff I’ve found in plants (grosser than previous entries). If I can’t use this forum to make you gag momentarily, I’m wasting my time. Haha, they’re only pictures – you’ll be fine!

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