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Hello sparklers, and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful July 4th holiday. Here in New Mexico, lots of people ignored the fireworks ban but it’s ok, the state hasn’t burned to the ground just yet.

Hey, do you remember last fall, when I revealed something really embarrassing to you, it was during the October Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day?

I admitted I’d been growing a plant in a container all summer. I knew it looked familiar but I just couldn’t place it. Then finally, after months of caring for the plant, its identity hit me – it was a stupid Chamisa plant. My landlady called it the most pampered Chamisa in history. I felt like such a dumbass for not recognizing it – it grows everywhere in this state. It’s a weed.

Well, it’s happened again. I didn’t grow Chamisa, but I did notice an unusual plant popping up next to my Petunias and Dianthus. Here it is about three or four weeks after I planted the flowers:

This was taken on June 5th:

I thought, huh, what could that be? It was definitely a Sesame Street “one of these is not like the other ones” moment…but what was it and why did it look so familiar? I wasn’t going to pull it out until I knew what it was.

Here it is less than two weeks later, on June 14th:

Most of you recognize it, don’t you? The tall green plant on the right? I thought it might be a particular plant, but I couldn’t fathom how it would’ve gotten there. So I dismissed it as a possibility and decided I needed to let the plant grow so I’d know for sure.

So I didn’t pull it.

From an aesthetics point of view, I didn’t like how it dominated the container. I’d planted the flowers I wanted in there, so this plant was an interloper.

Still, I let it grow. And grow it did.

Here it is four days later on June 18th:

I went back through my photos and there aren’t any for a few weeks after the above photo. I didn’t pay the plant much attention. But I did continue to water the container. After awhile, I noticed cute white flowers on the plant.

Wait a second, I thought, those look awfully familiar. No, I thought, no way. It’s really that, after all? Could it be? But how? It’s impossible. The container is in the driveway, for pete’s sake!

Yes, it’s possible and it’s true.

Yesterday, July 4th:

Sigh. You’re laughing at me, aren’t you?

How could I not recognize a pepper plant right away? Why did I literally have to have proof that it has peppers:

Because I’m a dumbass.

To be fair to me, you have to understand how out of context this is. One, I’ve never grown chile peppers at this house, or ever. Two, while I do love to eat green chiles, I rarely cook them at home so the chances of a seed somehow making it from the kitchen to the driveway are nil. Three, I don’t know of a single garden on this block that might’ve had chiles growing in it.

The seed must’ve gotten mixed in with one of the annuals I bought at the nursery.

As it was growing, I thought it looked like a chile plant, but I figured I was wrong because of the aforementioned reasons.

Anyway, I guess I’m growing chiles this season.

I’m also growing a lot more than I’d anticipated when the warm weather first snuck around. I meant to only grow flowers, but that’s changed. I’ll show you my um, makeshift, creative, ghetto fabulous, recycled, let’s just call it an interestingish salad garden, later this week. I’ll be back manana with an all-new Plant Lady Chronicles. Hope to see you back here.

Here’s wishing the Internet could transmit smell:

Aaahhhhh, chile roasting has begun in Albuquerque!! For those of you who’ve never smelled chiles roasting, it’s a spicy, hot smell that comes in waves. Ok, that’s a lame-o description, but I’m not sure what words can describe how the smell gets stuck in the back of my mouth because I try to drink the smell. It’s that delicious.

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