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Hi oreos, and happy Wednesday!

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried to gross you out by showing you stuff I’ve found in plant containers around town. You’re welcome. But of course, that ends now. If you have a delicate constitution, you may want to move along to someone else’s site. Today I’m going to zero in on one of the bars:

Dried fruit shows up almost as often as gum.

Straws aren’t really gross, as far as I’m concerned. But the human who used this planter as a trashcan is probably pretty gross.

Haha, this isn’t really gross either, but it made me laugh when I found it.

A piece of plastic. From what, I have no idea. Drunk people are, well, drunk.

Super. More gum.

Nicorette gum wrapper.

Really, any trash in the planters is going to be kinda gross, even if it’s just a wrapper, because it’s not supposed to be there. And someone knew that, but put it there anyway. Sigh. Some people.

I’ve used a couple of these photos before, because the majority of trash I find in the planters are cigarettes.

I have five thousand photos exactly like this one. And this one:

I thought I’d spare us all a string of cigarette photos and show you them grouped instead (this pic from before the planter was planted):

And this one, after I’d collected the first batch of gross things (these had been building up all spring):

I don’t know why smokers don’t think butts are trash. Some of the most intelligent people I know won’t think twice about throwing their cigarette out the car window. It’s weird. I mean, they really are smart, and otherwise very nice people.

I used this photo from the last post of gross stuff, but I love it, so I’m showing it off again:

Looks like the Zinnias aren’t fans of the cigarettes, either. Haha, see ya manana!

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