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Billy’s Long Bar is ready for the holidays! The Long Bar is located on San Mateo Boulevard just north of Montgomery, on the east side of the road. Check them out if you’re in Albuquerque, and be sure to tell the scantily clad bartenders that the plant lady sent you. They won’t know who you’re talking about, but it’ll make me happy anyway.

I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.


As I went through my plant route today. One thing was clear – the holidays are here. In a big fat way. Stuff like this starts showing up everywhere.

It’s a good thing I go to the gym! It’s not like I can resist a giant jar of M&Ms sitting there all alone in the kitchen of a mortgage company. Who could? They’re M&Ms!

I’ve been talking about General Mills a lot lately because a) I love cereal and b) they’re adorable people. Look at their Christmas tree!

So cute! Yes, that’s a Pillsbury Dough Boy ornament.

Aaah, I could look at decorations all day.

Too bad I actually had some work to do. I had to replace a few Pothos. Remember when I repotted these?

Now they’re going to live at the cereal factory. They’re coming in fresh as daisies to replace some very unhappy Pothos.

Yeah, that’s embarrassing. I had my ladder and the new plants, so I climbed up to take a look. Of course, I brought my camera.

I was going to take a better photo, and also one of the container with the new plants, but one of the employees came up just then, and I didn’t feel like explaining why I was walking around taking pictures of plants.

But, I can explain why the little fellas didn’t like their location (i.e., why they got to be so embarrassing). Here’s a closeup of the Pothos that I yanked.

See how the leaves are variegated, or partly green, partly white? That means they require at least some natural light. This poor guy has been living in an office with no windows at all. The Pothos I replaced him with have much darker leaves, and they will do just fine with fluorescent lights.

It’s another example for me of how amazingly adaptable plants are. I’m sure the Pothos that are in that office would prefer natural light to fluorescents (I’ll bet the employees would, too), but since that’s not an option, they find a way to be ok, thrive even.

Name That Plant Problem!

On Friday, I asked what was wrong with this leaf.

No one has guessed the correct answer, so I’m giving you a clue. Here it is:

Your clue is a different view of the plant and the damaged leaf (which is at 9 o’clock). Now do you know what’s wrong that that leaf? If you think you know, leave your guesses in the comments section.

As usual, there are no prizes for guessing correctly, only glory and my gratitude for playing.

Happy indoor gardening everyone!

Poinsettias. Ugh. Already? I know, I know, they’re beautiful. They’re festive. They scream “Happy Holidays.” I get all that. But they are soooo annoying.

Poinsettias growing in early November

Poinsettias growing in early November

First, they are the most fragile darn plant, I’m always breaking off a branch here and a branch there. That leads to their toxic sap dripping everywhere. Trust me, you don’t want that sap anywhere near your face or your clothes.

Then there’s how much water they gobble – they suck up tons of water, but if you give them too much, you kill them. Super.

It’s one of the most high-maintenance plants out there. I like low-maintenance plants. If we were talking high school here, Poinsettias would be the Prom Queen – looks great, but lots of drama. (I’d previously mentioned that African Violets were the Prom queens, but they’re really more like the Homecoming Queen now that I think about it.)

So why am I talking about Poinsettias if I dislike them so much?

Wholesale greenhouse at the beginning of November

Wholesale greenhouse at the beginning of November

Because as much as I dislike them, my clients love them. This week I’ll be trying to talk everyone into buying some for the office. It’s a cheap way to lift everyone’s spirits.

Poinsettias growing in November

Poinsettias growing in November

I get my Poinsettias from this adorable little Mom-n-Pop wholesale nursery called Corrales Road Greenhouse (it’s in Albuquerque, not Corrales). They grow the prettiest ones in the state. It looks mindbogglingly difficult to grow Poinsettias, so I’m in awe of these folks for doing it so well.

Poinsettias growing in Albuquerque wholesale greenhouse

Poinsettias growing in Albuquerque wholesale greenhouse

Some were further along than others.

It’s a little sad to go to the greenhouse because they’ve just gotten hammered in recent years. It started with a hurricane in Florida, where most of the plants we use for indoor landscaping are grown. A few years ago, one of those hurricanes wiped out a huge swath of greenhouses and fields. Then fuel prices soared. It’s a bad combo. And that was before the recession!

Today, they’ve eliminated their green plants almost entirely. It’s too expensive to get a truck to drive to New Mexico from Florida. They’ve had to cut way back on Poinsettia production as well.

It’s sad. So even though I’m not a fan, I’ll definitely try to sell as many Poinsettias as possible this year because I sure would miss that nursery.

If you’re local and are interested in ordering Poinsettias for your home, office or for gifts, let me know!

Mom-n-Pop greenhouse grows the prettiest Poinsettias in NM

Mom-n-Pop greenhouse grows the prettiest Poinsettias in NM

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