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Good To Grow, Liza's photos, backdoor with an Ikea rug

I like the splash of red.

My little ragtag backdoor garden:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Liza's new garden

Featured are: A rosemary plant, a Euphorbia milii (the cuttings I brought back from Florida – they’re doing so-so these days, better since they’ve arrived outdoors), a poppy plant, my citrus tree, basil, and a Lantana plant.

The citrus tree has been struggling. She lost a LOT of leaves during the move to Phoenix. Wanh, wanh, wanh.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Liza's new garden

Poor baby!

But she held on to the one fruit she produced before the move. A fruit that I naively believed would turn yellow any day:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Liza's new garden

A fruit that never did turn yellow. Which means it’s a lime, not a lemon. Which means the tree I bought had been mislabeled. I had my suspicions when the fruits from last year didn’t yellow, and of course, tasted like limes. But after that harvest, I forgot all about them.

The tree has actually started to do better, putting out new leaves, now that it’s outdoors. Citrus trees in outdoor Phoenix are a good fit – it should do really well here.

But now I want a lemon tree. And maybe an orange tree, too.

And now it’s time to showcase the beautiful flowers of people who don’t have blogs but still want to share their photos.

Let’s start with the lovely Ginny Burton, of Burton Optician in DC.

Says Ginny, “Well, the garden is pretty played out by now, due to lack of rain and my innate laziness. But the jasmine is blooming like mad on a pedestal by the front door — a fragrant treat for the mail carrier. I see now that the photo isn’t very good, but there really are lots of flowers!


The zinnias continue to look so pretty (again, not a good picture).  I found the tag for them. They’re Magellan Mix and haven’t had a bit of mildew on them, despite being so crowded in their pots.


I got this Lantana for half price because it was so leggy. I like how intense the colors are.


This ginger is 8′ tall with the blooms at nose level to the back porch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have a scent. They’re more coral colored than the picture shows.


And here’s what’s left of my dill blossoms, complete with the swallowtail butterfly caterpillar that ate them!


Thanks for hosting this NBBD event!”

You’re welcome Ginny! Thanks so much for sharing your pretty flowers with us! And your caterpillar!

Up next, from Turnbull Farms in Bloomington, Indiana, are these photos from Zachary:


(Stevia flowers)


(Squash blossom)



Very nice! Thanks, Zach, for sending those photos to me.

That was fun – I love seeing what other people have blooming around their houses. Thank you again for sharing your photos!

I’ll be back tomorrow, hope to see you here!

Ya’ll know how much I love flowers. Here are my favorite flower photos – taken in and around my casa – in the month of September:

Thanks to our hostess Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for suggesting we post photos of what’s blooming on the 15th of each month.

Hope you have a great weekend, I’ll be back Monday.

As if this blog wasn’t already crammed with enough flower photos, here are some more!

Yay for beautiful flowers!

I love my back door container garden. The containers are a lot of work, but worth the abundant rewards. Blooming is Gaillardia ‘Blanket Flower’, Portulaca, Dimorphotheca (or Osteospermum), Bougainvillea, Petunias and Miss Mimosa, the Mimosa pudica ‘Sensitive Plant’.

(The E is for my first name, Elise.)

Inside, my Chlorophytum comosum, Nel, commonly known as a ‘Spider Plant’, has been blooming consistently for months:

And so has Sweetie, a Euphorbia milii:

And so has Lady Evermore, an Aeschynanthus:

An explosion of blooms – I love it!

Special thanks to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for suggesting we post photos of what’s blooming in and around the house on the 15thish of each month. Check out her site to see flower photos from all over the world.

What’s blooming at your casa?

I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.

What is it about summer flowers?

I just love them! I love summertime!

Indoors, Nel, a Chlorophytum comosum, ‘Spider Plant’ is blooming like crazy:

So is Lady Evermore, an Aeschynanthus:

And the ever-blooming Sweetie, a Euphorbia milii, ‘Crown of Thorns Plant’:

Thanks to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for suggesting we post photos of what’s blooming in and around our casas, on the 15thish each month.

I’ll be back on Monday, hope to see you here.

I’ll take any excuse to post photos of pretty flowers.

And indoors:

Thanks Carol at May Dreams Gardens for suggesting we post photos of what’s blooming in and around our homes on the 15thish of each month!

I’ll be back on Monday, hope to see you here.

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