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Now it’s time to showcase what’s blooming in the gardens of those who love flowers but don’t have their own blog, the April 2014 Garden Nonbloggers’ Bloom Day.

This month we were lucky enough to hear from Ginny Burton, of Burton Optician in DC.

Says Ginny:

This has been a horrible winter on the east coast, but here’s what’s blooming chez Burton:


I’m very pleased with the redbud. It was a volunteer that I nurtured for years. It looks pretty with the ancient weeping cherry (a natural weeper, not a graft) that’s doing its best to beautify our corner.


Happy to be outside!


Most of the dafs have bloomed out, but these must be a late variety.




A window box on our kitchen deck.


These are hiding the view of one of our compost bins and rain barrel.

Happy Spring to all!>>>>

Thanks so much, Ginny! Your flowers are gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing what’s blooming in your neck of the woods. We don’t see too many redbuds out here so I appreciated that.

That’ll do it for this month’s Garden Nonbloggers’ Bloom Day. I’ll be back tomorrow, hope to see you here.


When the outside world becomes too much for me, like when innocent little kids are maniacally gunned down, I retreat.

I retreat to my indoor oasis, away from the cruel world.

A place where I have at least an illusion of control.

Illusion, of course, because none of us are safe. We could be shot, or hit by a bus, any time. We know that instinctively, but getting our tiny brains wrapped around it, especially in the wake of a tragedy like a school shooting, is not possible.

Death is never going to make sense. We are not allowed the information necessary to piece it all together.

There won’t be a moment when we can go, “Oh right, that’s why innocents had to die, I get it now.”

Because we are mere humans, we don’t get to know the whys.

Life doesn’t work like that.

And we know it.

But we don’t have to like it.

So I retreat.

And I do what I can to build back up my sense of control.

By controlling the retreat.

Organizing the linen closet. Cleaning out the freezer. Rearranging the back hall.

“I may not be able to stop someone bent on causing me harm, but at least I can clean my spice cabinet,” is how the dialogue goes. Truth be told, the dialogue is usually littered with expletives.

What else can I do?

I couldn’t have done anything to stop the school shooting, even if I’d been in that school. I could’ve maybe guarded some kids and kept some people safe, but I couldn’t have stopped the shooting myself. None of us could have.

But I can keep a clean house.

And I can be a good member of this community.

I can be a good citizen for this great country, and for the world.

I can be compassionate to every single person I meet.

And I can rejoice in the itsy bitsiest of luxuries, like having flowers bloom in my warm, safish comfortable home.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, December Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

(Pictured above, Candy, my Lime tree blooms every December and January.)

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, December Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, December Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

(Pictured above: The Dimorphotheca have so far resisted going dormant since moving to the foyer. The flowers have to reach, but they keep coming.)

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, December Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

(Pictured above: The Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) that my wonderful cousin Bill sent me.)

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, December Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, December Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

(Pictured above: Schlumbergera ‘Christmas Cactus’ blooms galore on all three plants.)

(Not pictured: My Aeschynanthus has loads of greenish blooms, but I failed to get a decent photo. And my Bougainvillea is finally dropping all of its blooms, only a few stubbornly hold on.)

Something else that helps me not only in the wake of a terrible event, but each and every day, is that before I get out of bed in the morning, I say thank you for one more day.

Then I think about my loving family, my charming and funny friends, and all the kind people I know in the world.

And I say thank you again.

It helps.

I may be back tomorrow, maybe not. We’ll see, won’t we?

I’ll take any excuse to post photos of pretty flowers.

And indoors:

Thanks Carol at May Dreams Gardens for suggesting we post photos of what’s blooming in and around our homes on the 15thish of each month!

I’ll be back on Monday, hope to see you here.

Sweet! It’s time for lots of pretty flower photos – I love it!

Who doesn’t love April flowers?

Especially the indoor ones, like these adorable blooms on Sweetie, a Euphorbia milii, ‘Crown of Thorns’ plant:

Elise, another Crown of Thorns plant and Sweetie’s Mother, is also bustin’ out the blooms and bracts:

Sue, a Chlorophytum comosum, ‘Spider plant’, has bloomed continuously for months now:

Her Mom, Nel is also blooming:

If only the Internet transmitted smells, you’d love that I shared this bouquet of Boronia with you:

Its scent is as sweet as its flowers are beautiful.

Thanks so much to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for suggesting we post photos of what’s blooming at our casas around the 15thish of each month. (I’m posting early because Sunday is my day off.) You know I love having an excuse to photograph my flowers!

I’ll be back on Monday, hope to see you here.

Today, photos of what’s blooming in and around my casa here in Albuquerque. Yay, pretty flowers!

What’s blooming at your home?

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for suggesting we post photos of our blooms on the 15th of each month. I loves me some flower photos!

I’ll be back manana with an all-new Ask the Experts panel, as well as a new puzzler. Hope to see you here.

Hello blossomheads, happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to the Good To Grow site. It’s that time of the month when we post photos of what’s blooming in and around the casa. Being February, there’s not much blooming outside. Just these cute little crocuses:

It snowed last night here in Albuquerque. Which is pretty silly because I took the above photo yesterday afternoon, it was so warm I didn’t even need a coat.

Inside, all three Euphorbia milii ‘Crown of Thorns’ plants are putting on a blossomy show. Here’s Sweetie:

And Ellie and Elise:

Of course, Sue, a Chlorophytum comosum ‘Spider plant’ hasn’t stopped blooming in months. I’m charmed by her teeny flowers, as evidenced by my enthusiastic photographing of them:

I know, I know, Spider plant flower overload. My bad.

Candy the Lime tree is covered in buds and budding limes, and all three Schlumbergeras ‘Christmas Cactus’ (Dottie, Crissy and Easter) are about to bloom for the third time since October. But since they haven’t opened, I’m not including them here today. Oh, and the pansies by the back door that wouldn’t die? They died.

So, what’s blooming at your house? Carol over at May Dreams Gardens is the smartyplants who suggested we post photos each month – you should check out her site (especially my Indianapolis friends). Thanks Carol, I love me some flower photos!

I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.

Ahh, December! When my outdoor gardens lay frozen and quiet, my indoor garden begins to come alive.

Hi lemonbunnies, and welcome back to the Good To Grow site. Today I have photos of pretty blooms, something we do on the 15thish of each month because I’m a complete sucker for flowers.

The Schlumbergeras, or Christmas Cactus, have been blooming since Halloween:

A big splash of red, and now Crissy is about to rebloom with pink blooms. They show no signs of slowing down.

Neither does Sue, who’s a Chlorophytum comosum, or Spider plant. She’s been blooming like mad for months now:

An unparalleled enthusiasm for life!

Candy, my Lime tree, began blooming a couple of weeks ago:

Every winter when she blooms, I mourn that the Internet cannot yet transmit scents. Where are my brainiacs?

Here’s a closer look at Candy’s blossoms:

She smells divine.

And lastly, two of my Euphorbia miliis, or Crown of Thorn plants, are blooming. I’m charmed by their cream-colored bracts (the flower is the yellow-lime center)

Here’s Ellie, who I’ve had for years, in the morning light:

Adorable, right?

And here’s Elise. Started from Ellie’s cuttings, she’s a little over a year old. These are her first blooms:

I’m sure Ellie’s swelling with pride!

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is the suggestion of Carol over at May Dreams Gardens. Thank you, Carol, for encouraging me to be a showoff! (It’s my natural state.)

I’ll be back manana with an all-new panel of Experts. The Experts will then be off for the next few Fridays for the holidays (I’ll still be here with puzzlers), so I hope you tune in tomorrow. It promises to be great fun!

Yay! It’s that time of the month again when Carol at May Dreams Gardens encourages us to share photos of what’s blooming in and around the house. She doesn’t have to ask me twice – I loooooves me some flower photos!

October is a gorgeous month in Albuquerque, and it shows in the plants. Here are my container flowers (Marigolds, Gaillardia, Pelargonium, Petunias, Pansies) by the back door:

Cosmos out front:

I’d like my regular readers to know that I haven’t repeated a single Cosmos photo in the last few months. You’re welcome for me not sharing all eight thousand that I shot.

Man, I could look at Cosmos photos all day, couldn’t you?

Elsewhere in the yard, Petunias:

And Snapdragons:

Indoors, Lady Evermore the Aeschynanthus is back hanging and she’s rocking out the new blooms:

Sue, a Chlorophytum ‘Spider Plant,’ is also hanging (hey kids, her wish came true!) and busting out the blooms:

And you all know Miss Mimosa, the Mimosa pudica – her leaves fold when you touch them and she has been blooming nonstop since winter last year:

Silly little blooms! She makes me really happy to be an indoor gardener, because when plants bloom in the house, it’s…well…magical. How would I get through dreary winters without my houseplants to cheer me until spring?

I have a young Mimosa on the kitchen windowsill who decided to roll out her very first blossom ever just this morning:

And finally, Chrissy (Schlumbergera, ‘Christmas Cactus’) isn’t waiting until Christmas to bloom:

Her blooms are decidedly pink, which isn’t as good as purple, but it’s still pretty awesome.


Hey, normally I publish Monday through Saturday, but check back tomorrow because I’m going to do a special post about a cool new book giveaway from Timber Press. See ya manana.

Hello plums, and happy Monday. Carol over at May Dreams Gardens suggested that we post photos of what’s blooming in our gardens around the 15thish of each month.

I like the idea, even if my garden is well, weird. You see, I rent this house…so what’s growing around the yard wasn’t my idea (with a few exceptions). It’s an odd mixture of drought-tolerant, desert-acceptable plants, and a bunch of other stuff. You’ll see what I mean. First, the container gardens I planted at the front door and back.

Now a bunch of random flower photos:

And inside, my Euphorbia, Crown of Thorns is blooming:

Miss Mimosa has been blooming continuously for months now:

Like I really need an excuse to post flower photos.

I’ll be back manana with the sad tale of a missing Allium. Hope to see you here.

I’ll use practically any excuse to post pictures of pretty blooms. So when Carol over at May Dreams Gardens suggested a Bloom Day on the 15thish of each month, I couldn’t resist.

Here’s what’s blooming, in the garden and in the house:

I’ll be back on Monday, hope to see you here.

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