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Yeah, I could get used to this setting:


What a gorgeous place to dine!

I got the image from Pinterest. It had been posted on the Style Files website (along with some other fabulous outdoor dining scenes). They cited the photo originally came from Elle Decor, but I did not fact check them.

What do you think? Is this lovely or nerve-racking or both?


It’s hard to say without seeing the wider view – the way the photo was shot makes me nervous, which I’m guessing was by design.

But I love the idea of dining with that view. It’s very Appalachian, isn’t it?

I got this image from Pinterest. It was sourced as coming from But I’m not sure which photographer to credit. So I’ll just throw a general “thanks for sharing your interesting photo” out there to the Internetland.

Aaaaahhhhh, this takes me away:


It’s not the photo itself or the table decor that draws me. It’s the emotions I feel looking at it. I can imagine it so clearly…family and good friends, cheeses, breads and fruit, a gorgeous view.

There’s something about sharing a meal outdoors that makes me feel like we’ve got it pretty good in this lifetime. Tugs at my heartstrings a little bit.

(I found the photo on Pinterest, it is credited to, but I don’t know where they got it from, who took the photo, or where the location is.)

My obsession with outdoor kitchens extends to outdoor dining tables as well.

Maybe because it’s so feminine, I just love this space:


I got this photo from Pinterest, so I don’t have any idea where it is or who deserves photo credits. Thank you, whoever you are!

Another photo that’s floating around Pinterest is this one, with bunk beds cleverly recycled for star gazing:



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