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Good To Grow, Liza's photos, signs of spring

The wisps of snow we got a few days ago are gone, save for in the mountain tops and in the shadows.

Everyone here is grateful for the moisture. It’ll take a lot more to end our drought but every little bit helps.

The flowers are clearly enjoying the precipitation, and the bees are enjoying the flowers:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, signs of spring

Spring, spring, spring. It can seem so far away when you’re surrounded by snow and ice.

But it’s not far away. It’s right around the corner.

Even the birds know it. All day, big flocks of Sandhill Cranes have been starting their journey home (they spend their winters at a wildlife refuge about an hour and a half south of Albuquerque). They make a riot of noise when they fly overhead.

The green stalks in these photos are not signs of spring. They’re more like signs of winter – they’re onions and garlic that have been growing the last few months. But their harvest will be coming up fast, too.

Yeah, the signs are here.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, signs of spring

Spring is near.


Hi pies, and happy Tuesday!

I’ve been living in Albuquerque long enough to know that in the spring, I like to avoid being out in the winds, and in the summer, I prefer to avoid being out in the baking sun.

That basically translates into me being a morning person. I love the cool, crisp mornings here in the high desert. They’re calm and peaceful. In the spring, the winds don’t pick up until afternoon (well, balloonists would tell you 10ish). And the summer storms take all day to build, then explode in the afternoon.

So I use my mornings to get stuff done. That’s when I work in my garden or write down dreams from the night before or get out and tend to my clients or go to the farmers’ market.

During the recent winter months, mornings were my favorite time to write for this blog, whether I published the post then or not. Now that the days are heating up, that strategy has to change. It’s more important for me to be out working (paid work, that is) in the mornings than babbling on to all of you about houseplants or whatever.

So evening posts it is. Now, if only I knew what to post about. Hmmm…

Should I tell you about how my hummingbirds are back?

Nah, I don’t have any pictures of the birds yet, just the feeders.

Maybe I should tell you about Mother’s Day at the Isotopes baseball game:

Nah, I’m saving photos of the best part – the race around the bases between the green chile, the red chile, the taco and the jar of salsa – for another post.

Maybe I should show you these cool Opuntia blooming at the house across the street from mine:

They wouldn’t qualify for the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day coming up this weekend, because they’re not in my yard.

I thought about posting something about Albert:

But there’s not really much to say other than he’s adorable.

Should I talk more about the weather, like how the city looks like this today?

Nah, that’s boring. Plus, it’s nothing compared to what people in the heartland are facing these days (not that weather is a contest – it is not).

No, I think I’ll just string loosely together a bunch of random photos (none of which would make a good post on their own, but all of which I like) under the guise of updating you on my schedule change. Heh, heh, heh! Super sneaky, right?

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