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I’ve been watching this Iris by my front door:

It’s a pretty little flower. I wrote it about last year, too.

You guys know what a big fan of progressive photos I am, so of course, I’d been snapping away, especially in the past week.

Beautiful, right? Even unopened, it was a pretty flower.

On the day it actually did open, I admired it in the morning, then I decided to wait until afternoon to photograph it (the front of the house faces west).

I should’ve snapped the photo while I had the chance. You see, later in the day, the UPS lady dropped a package off on the doorstep. In the process, she clocked the flower:

Bitch. The petals are broken. Wanh, wanh, wanh.

Alright, alright, she’s probably not a bitch. Mistakes happen, c’est la vie. Still, I’m a little sad. Brown hasn’t really done much for me lately.

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